about me

I am a free-spirited twenty-something adventuress seeking a constant state of elation. I enjoy discovering this beautiful and varied world with all of my senses. I’ve lived on the East and West coasts of the United States, and have ventured over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, studying in Italy, and working in Australia.

My experiences living overseas have led to my professional career as a South Pacific Consultant at the luxury wholesaler, Swain Destinations. I specialize in customized travel to Australia, New Zealand, Bali, and the South Pacific Islands. I love being able to share that special part of the world with fellow Americans. 

Though I was born and raised in Philadelphia, a city that values tradition, my young adult life has not been standard. I have a soul filled with wanderlust that continually urges me to experience new places, meet new people, and learn new things. What makes me happy? Traveling, eating local food, hiking, and keeping up with luxury travel, health, and natural beauty trends. My content is primarily is about these interests because after all, I believe in focusing on what brings bliss to your life!