my top 5 necessities for flying

I just finished packing for my flight to California this afternoon - typical of me to do it last minute - and it had me thinking about what I bring with me on every flight.

At this point, I probably could not even count the amount of times that I’ve been on a plane. My flight times have ranged from 45 minutes to 16 hours, yet I still make sure I bring a few key items with me to ensure a comfortable ride. Here are my top five necessities for both short and long-haul flights: 

#1 Headphones

Headphones (bonus if they are noise cancelling) are essential. Crying babies and talkative neighbors make it nearly impossible to relax. Enjoy the in-flight entertainment or jam out to some music with your favorite pair. 

#2 Portable USB Charger

What’s the use of headphones if your iPhone loses it’s juice? I learned this the hard way. I assumed my 5 hour flight would have an in-seat USB port and personal tv screen, so I did not bother to charge my phone at the gate. It died 20 minutes into the flight and I was left no electronic entertainment... a rough feat to conquer these days. 

#3 Reusable water bottle

Though you are not allowed to bring a bottle of water through airport security, you may bring an empty bottle. Fill it up after you go through the check-points, drink at least one bottle, and then fill it up again before boarding; the little cups of water that the flight attendants hand out are not enough to combat the dehydration that occurs mid-flight. Your body and skin, in particular, will thank you for staying hydrated. 

water bottle.jpg

I bought this one in Australia. I love it because it fits my personality & a liter of water. It's withstood many falls, as you can see.

#4 Scarf or sweater

Bring something to stay warm. I prefer a cozy sweater or a large scarf. Even if you came from a warm place or are landing in one, planes tend to be quite chilly. There’s nothing worse than shivering on a flight. The scrawny blankets (that they rarely hand out) are just not sufficient.

#5 Inflatable Neck Pillow

I did not realize how useful these things were until recently. I purchased one about five years ago on my first trip to California. Last month I flew without it for the first time and I was restless. Since they deflate, they are easy to store and are not bulky like traditional neck pillows.

^ i really do love that thing! this was on my flight from new york to paris

^ i really do love that thing! this was on my flight from new york to paris

What are your favorite items to bring on a flight?